Saturday, January 28, 2012


***Some of the jewelry is for sale at the Texas Ski Ranch
and some at Gruene Trading Co.***
{message for details if your local & curious}

***For the clothing you can shop online HERE***
{new jewelry coming to my etsy soon, 
as well as larger sizes in clothing...stay tuned.}

Taylor Sue

Friday, January 27, 2012

Tay's World.

LOVE days like today...SUNNY.
75 degree's of awesomeness!!! 

AND to boot, I got my clothing tags & new business cards 
in the mail...I'm slowly but surely getting all the
necessities together.  Excited.
 Iv'e also been photographing
and editing new fringe clothing today...
NEW pieces coming to my Etsy ASAP!
Here's a sneak peek-a-roo
Throwin' in a Tay's Array for today too...
Like I was such a purdy day.
So. Naturally I go for a tank top {one of my fave's},
some corduroy pants, my trusty moc's, 
and a new necklace, and I'm off to run errands.
Check it.
Green Tank Top- From a friend {love the lace back!} Brown Corduroy Pants- Old Navy
Moc's- Target. Gold & Turquoise Necklace- Forever21
Wood Bead Bracelets- Walmart. Rock Ring- TaylorSueForYou

Also, exciting news...Gruene Trading-Co. 
{Kitchy Chicks}
 will be opening soon...hopefully around Feb.11th!
{located in Gruene, in between Gristmill & Cantina del Rio}
So come say heyyy.

Taylor Sue

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I be thriftin'

The other day...I didn't need to go shopping...but I did. 
Story of my life. Oh yea, and I'm broke. 
So of course I found 20 billion things I wanted. 
I settled on 8? things.
Amazing, old, fun things.
Great finds.
Check it...
*This awesome card that says "always" in sign language.
I took sign language in college and really loved it, so I had to get this.
I have it on my mirror with a few fave polaroids.
 *This baby {candle holder} needs some spiffin' up.
One piece has broken off in the back.
But i'll just spray paint her and stick her in a corner.
 Love this. So old and awesome.
*They had a box of old cards with words on them.
Random words. This one was perfect for me.  
Free as a bird.
 *Now From some old gas station...or school?
No idea. But I'm so glad I came across them. They had boxes full...numbers too.
 I bought "groovy" home...and realized i forgot the "r" I had "goovy".
Not nearly as cool. Much happier with "funky". Much.
*Found this old wood crate...flipped it on its side and made a little cabinet space 
for my kitchen goods.  Maybe someday i'll hang it on the wall...or put plants in it. 
But its great for my kitchen right now.
*OH MY! and this and gold thermos!
Yes please. Have wanted one for awhile...this is a great 1st.
Gonna take this bad boy on our big bend trip in march...full of wine ;)
 * This embroidery hoop with happy camper stitched into it is SO neat.
Makes me smile for sure. 
{I've had those Loteria cards for a bit...wanna find a fun craft for them soon.}
*There so many fun things to do with old scrabble pieces. 
Got a handful of them...very excited.  
Made one project around Christmas for my sister...
and one for my home. I'll post the D.I.Y process of it soon 
when I make my "Home Sweet Home" one. :) Stay tuned.
*Oh...and this little girl. She was just so cute today 
with her monkey, I had to add her. 
Miss Penny baby girl.
>>>If any NB locals are interested. I found all these goodies at Max's Haus Mercantile. 
It is totally my kind of place...a lot of vintage...antique...magic.<<<

Thats all for today.
Taylor Sue

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hooookay SO...2 important things.

1st...check out this sweet lookin' singer I got a while back.
Just got this baby tuned up. She's ready for action.
{that chair is pretty fancy too eh? chair collection>>>full force}
*I've always wanted to learn how to I'm really excited about this find.
Which leads me to my 2nd important thing.

2nd...Have you ever checked out ??
Well, if you haven't...get to checkin. This lady and her team are rad.
SO. Long story short...This blog...led me to this blog...
which led me to this blog ...AND i found this D.I.Y. Dress Up E-Course
{check out the info below}

This AWEsomeness includes...
-how to make your own topstitched bow
-how to make your own magazine tote
-how to make your own makeup bag
-how to make your own jersey headband
-how to make your own belt
-how to draft a pattern that fits your body
-how to make your own paper bag skirt
-how to make your own chevron top
-how to make your own fringe laptop case
-how to make your own ruffled skirt
-how to turn a tank into a dress
-how to make your own jersey tank top
-how to make your own lace dress
-alteration basics
-how to make your own maxi dress
-how to make your own cardigan
-how to make your own statement bag

Cool huh? SO...
With the combo of my 2 important things I'm a very excited girl.
From what I understand I can buy this course for 29 buck-a-roos
{and of course all the fabric i'll need}
and i'll be on my way to "Sewing Master" status.
I hope to start the process soon...stay tuned!

The end.
Hope this makes other "Sewing Wannabe's" as excited as me.
Taylor Sue

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hellooo blog world...don't mind if i do!

New Designs>>Jewelry>>Clothing>>

Im gonna give this blog thing a shot...
Its time for a look into the life of TaylorSueForYou.
Hopefully it'll be exciting to a few of you...or some...or a lot?!
We'll see, at least I'm excited :)

Promise. New..exciting...creations will be coming soon to TaylorSueForYou.
Working hard to get a nice big collection together for my etsy. 
And soon introduce some vintage and photo products
 that I'm super excited to share with everyone!

I'll start this blog adventure with what I wore today...lets call it Tay's Array.
Today I wore my newest addition to my PPP wardrobe. 
Super excited. 
Its an oxy dress, and I love it. {Shop here for similar AWEsomeness.}
Dress: PPP, Horn Necklace & Charm Bracelet: TaylorSueForYou, Ring: Gift
Tights: Target {ripped to perfection), Hat: Thrifted, Flower: From my man