Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hellooo blog world...don't mind if i do!

New Designs>>Jewelry>>Clothing>>

Im gonna give this blog thing a shot...
Its time for a look into the life of TaylorSueForYou.
Hopefully it'll be exciting to a few of you...or some...or a lot?!
We'll see, at least I'm excited :)

Promise. New..exciting...creations will be coming soon to TaylorSueForYou.
Working hard to get a nice big collection together for my etsy. 
And soon introduce some vintage and photo products
 that I'm super excited to share with everyone!

I'll start this blog adventure with what I wore today...lets call it Tay's Array.
Today I wore my newest addition to my PPP wardrobe. 
Super excited. 
Its an oxy dress, and I love it. {Shop here for similar AWEsomeness.}
Dress: PPP, Horn Necklace & Charm Bracelet: TaylorSueForYou, Ring: Gift
Tights: Target {ripped to perfection), Hat: Thrifted, Flower: From my man 

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