Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I be thriftin'

The other day...I didn't need to go shopping...but I did. 
Story of my life. Oh yea, and I'm broke. 
So of course I found 20 billion things I wanted. 
I settled on 8? things.
Amazing, old, fun things.
Great finds.
Check it...
*This awesome card that says "always" in sign language.
I took sign language in college and really loved it, so I had to get this.
I have it on my mirror with a few fave polaroids.
 *This baby {candle holder} needs some spiffin' up.
One piece has broken off in the back.
But i'll just spray paint her and stick her in a corner.
 Love this. So old and awesome.
*They had a box of old cards with words on them.
Random words. This one was perfect for me.  
Free as a bird.
 *Now these...letters...are...my...favorite. From some old gas station...or school?
No idea. But I'm so glad I came across them. They had boxes full...numbers too.
 I bought "groovy" first...got home...and realized i forgot the "r"...so I had "goovy".
Not nearly as cool. Much happier with "funky". Much.
*Found this old wood crate...flipped it on its side and made a little cabinet space 
for my kitchen goods.  Maybe someday i'll hang it on the wall...or put plants in it. 
But its great for my kitchen right now.
*OH MY! and this thermos...red and gold thermos!
Yes please. Have wanted one for awhile...this is a great 1st.
Gonna take this bad boy on our big bend trip in march...full of wine ;)
 * This embroidery hoop with happy camper stitched into it is SO neat.
Makes me smile for sure. 
{I've had those Loteria cards for a bit...wanna find a fun craft for them soon.}
*There so many fun things to do with old scrabble pieces. 
Got a handful of them...very excited.  
Made one project around Christmas for my sister...
and one for my home. I'll post the D.I.Y process of it soon 
when I make my "Home Sweet Home" one. :) Stay tuned.
*Oh...and this little girl. She was just so cute today 
with her monkey, I had to add her. 
Miss Penny Lane...my baby girl.
>>>If any NB locals are interested. I found all these goodies at Max's Haus Mercantile. 
It is totally my kind of place...a lot of vintage...antique...magic.<<<

Thats all for today.
Taylor Sue

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