Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hooookay SO...2 important things.

1st...check out this sweet lookin' singer I got a while back.
Just got this baby tuned up. She's ready for action.
{that chair is pretty fancy too eh? chair collection>>>full force}
*I've always wanted to learn how to I'm really excited about this find.
Which leads me to my 2nd important thing.

2nd...Have you ever checked out ??
Well, if you haven't...get to checkin. This lady and her team are rad.
SO. Long story short...This blog...led me to this blog...
which led me to this blog ...AND i found this D.I.Y. Dress Up E-Course
{check out the info below}

This AWEsomeness includes...
-how to make your own topstitched bow
-how to make your own magazine tote
-how to make your own makeup bag
-how to make your own jersey headband
-how to make your own belt
-how to draft a pattern that fits your body
-how to make your own paper bag skirt
-how to make your own chevron top
-how to make your own fringe laptop case
-how to make your own ruffled skirt
-how to turn a tank into a dress
-how to make your own jersey tank top
-how to make your own lace dress
-alteration basics
-how to make your own maxi dress
-how to make your own cardigan
-how to make your own statement bag

Cool huh? SO...
With the combo of my 2 important things I'm a very excited girl.
From what I understand I can buy this course for 29 buck-a-roos
{and of course all the fabric i'll need}
and i'll be on my way to "Sewing Master" status.
I hope to start the process soon...stay tuned!

The end.
Hope this makes other "Sewing Wannabe's" as excited as me.
Taylor Sue

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