Friday, February 24, 2012

i love art
all kinds...
but my love started with photography
here are some photo's that have made me smile lately
and maybe get inspired as well...
 {christopher wiegand photo...i like to follow his wife's blog}
 {stephanie briggs...musician.}
 {annette pehrsson photo's}
 {jason lee parry photo's.}
 {kinsey mhire photo's...check out her blog}
{hilary walsh is the}
{last but not least...josh letchworth.}

Hope some people fell in love...
toot a loo
Taylor Sue

I also have a photo blog...if you'd like to take a looky >>>

Friday, February 10, 2012

Antler Jewelry Display

Anyone need a new...funky way to display their fave jewels?!
Well, here ya go! An Antler display...Yay.

My dad has a lot of antlers laying around in his work shop,
he makes pens out of them. {Cool, right? Yea, he makes rad stuff}
Anyways...I took a few just to spray paint and decorate with.
Was thinking maybe a coat/purse/whatever rack...and I ended up with this.
Me likey.
Great for Necklaces, Bracelets & Rings!

So the process...
Numero Uno, Find an antler.
Tough you might say? 
Easier than I thought. 

1. Apparently deer shed or loose their antlers around
certain times of the year?? 
****Dont quote me on this awesome knowledge...
im not much of a hunter, i just hear things. 
And if they just fall off****
 SO if you're the out-doorsy type...go on a lil' adventure and find some!
2. If you're local, Max's Haus has some...
a bit smaller but would still totally work. 
3. Ebay possibly too, saw some options.

Numero Dos, Spray paint that baby.
I chose gold. It's purdy.

Numero Tres, find which way
you want to hang it. I turned mine to the side...
and used some hemp to hang it up. 
I tied the hemp around the stronger middle section,
 and then towards the top some to give it more stability.
Just start wrappin'...and you'll see what works best with your antler.
Really quick process tho. And then I just tied a little loop so 
it could hang from a nail.

And covered the nail up with a ribbon bow.
And Ta-da, you're done!
Time to cover it in awesomeness.

Ya dig?
Hope so.
Once again, Fast..Cheap & Easy.
So get to Craftin'!

Taylor Sue

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

logo...lets go.

My lovely friend made me a logo...ya dig?!
I love it.  Makes me feel special.
Now I must put it to good use.

Toot a loo

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cute Pup.

Meeeeet Mikey.

This guy wins Coolest Pup of the Month Award
{just pretend like thats a real award}
He enjoys pretty ladies, late night runs, and the occasional whiskey drink.
And he's oh so sweet.

Stay tuned for more cute pups.
{and go right ahead and send me pics of your cute one}

Taylor Sue

Monday, February 6, 2012

Anyone wanna play Scrabble?!

Here's a fun lil' D.I.Y.
Framed Scrabble Quotes.
It's a super easy, quick, cheap process...and oh so cute.

SO. 1st step
Find the saying or quote you wanna use.
I picked Home Sweet Home.
{Check your local thrift + antique stores for the letters.
Ebay also has loads & loads!
Or you may have some laying around the house...lucky you.}
Next I found a shadow box type of picture frame at Hobby Lobby
...for 4.99 in the unfinished wood isle they have. 
I picked a shadow box frame so there is room for the scrabble pieces, 
and this one is awesome because it's cheap & unfinished.
So you can spray paint or stain it. {or whatever else you have in mind}
I stained the frame really fast  
I planned on it being outside so I didn't spend too much time on it...
it's going to have a weathered look at some point anyway. 
Which I'm totally down with.

This shows the back of the frame and what the color was when I bought it. 
{Also, there's the item # if you wanna purchase one}
So stain..or paint however you'd like, 

and then hot glue your scrabble letters on...I made mine kinda messy.
You put the four slits on top of the glass...
which sets the main piece back for the shadow effect.
Pop on the back and TADA...your done! 
Decorate away...
It ended up by my front door, I love it.
Here are a few others I did awhile back...
{Left} One was for my sister, Carpe Diem {Seize The Day}
{Right} One is hanging on my wall...For Like Ever.
I found both floral paper in the scrapbooking section of Hobby Lobby

CUTE huh?
a $10 the most
CHEAP huh?
So get to crafting' and have

Toot a loo