Friday, February 10, 2012

Antler Jewelry Display

Anyone need a new...funky way to display their fave jewels?!
Well, here ya go! An Antler display...Yay.

My dad has a lot of antlers laying around in his work shop,
he makes pens out of them. {Cool, right? Yea, he makes rad stuff}
Anyways...I took a few just to spray paint and decorate with.
Was thinking maybe a coat/purse/whatever rack...and I ended up with this.
Me likey.
Great for Necklaces, Bracelets & Rings!

So the process...
Numero Uno, Find an antler.
Tough you might say? 
Easier than I thought. 

1. Apparently deer shed or loose their antlers around
certain times of the year?? 
****Dont quote me on this awesome knowledge...
im not much of a hunter, i just hear things. 
And if they just fall off****
 SO if you're the out-doorsy type...go on a lil' adventure and find some!
2. If you're local, Max's Haus has some...
a bit smaller but would still totally work. 
3. Ebay possibly too, saw some options.

Numero Dos, Spray paint that baby.
I chose gold. It's purdy.

Numero Tres, find which way
you want to hang it. I turned mine to the side...
and used some hemp to hang it up. 
I tied the hemp around the stronger middle section,
 and then towards the top some to give it more stability.
Just start wrappin'...and you'll see what works best with your antler.
Really quick process tho. And then I just tied a little loop so 
it could hang from a nail.

And covered the nail up with a ribbon bow.
And Ta-da, you're done!
Time to cover it in awesomeness.

Ya dig?
Hope so.
Once again, Fast..Cheap & Easy.
So get to Craftin'!

Taylor Sue


  1. Taylor Sue! I LOVE THIS BLOG! Seriously, it is awesome and makes we want to get crafty (with you and a bottle of wine preferably). LOVE yOU!

    1. a bottle of wine...soon...oh yea, and some crafts. ASAP! LOVE youuuu.