Monday, March 12, 2012


So, lately I've had an issue with the presentation of my bed.
For example, I have no cute decorative pillows 
and I don't like spending a lot of time making my bed...
But still want something fun.
I have a rad velvet tufted headboard...which is cool,
but thats about it.
I've been dreaming {in my "kind-of" awesome bed} about bedrooms like this...
All so perfect...riggghttt??
**On a little side note, where do you put the pretty pillows when you sleep???**

SO here was my solution. 
Cheap, easy & cute...The Taylor Sue Way ;)
Why not "spice up" the everyday pillow??!
This idea goes perfectly with my obsession with thrifting...
{You may be thinking "eww" used pillow cases?? Its fine, just wash
them about 12 times and you'll be ok...i far...and so is penny}

1. A vintage, flannel, animal print, aztec, mexican style vibe??
Mix-Match>>>Yes Please.
2. My fave so far...
Nice and colorful, hello summmmmertime :)

 And the beauty of this is that for about $5 I got
 a variety of pillow cases that I can switch out whenever I please!
And I actually sleep on these pillows!

Anyhoo...maybe some day I'll get the fancy pillows,
but this works great for now :)
Happy thrifting!

Thats all for today,
Taylor Sue!

PS. have I mentioned?? 
We're going to BIG BEND in a week...for my dudes bday.
Anyone been? Any tips & or ideas? We'll be there for a week :D

Excited for lots of time with nature...but lions & bears please stay away!