Thursday, April 19, 2012

1/4 of 100

i just turned 25!!
**quarter of a century folks**

whoa nelly!
I Still feel 18.
Remember when 25 seemed sooo old?!
Man does time fly.
***Im happier than ever though***
Like...for reals. Really mean it.
>>> Im right where I've always wanted to be <<<

SO...April 16th 2012,
We went to Hamilton Pool...
Ever been?
We was freezing & amazing.
Catie B came her.

It twas a grand ol' time.
Going back soon.

We also went to see 21 Jump Street...
Why have I never been to Alamo Draft House? booze. YES PLEASE.
We will never see another movie any other way.
Here are some goodies I got...
***BUT...the best-es-test gifts of all
Are my family, friends...and boyfriend.
Thanks for making my day & life so great.
oh, and this girl too!
Speaking of gifts...on April 17th this baby girl was born.
Welcome to the world Charlotte!!!

Thats all.
Just a lil' sneak peek into my life...
Taylor Sue

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