Monday, April 9, 2012

BIG BEND favorites...

So, in a nutshell.
Big Bend...
If you haven't been,

It was sooo very beautiful.
The pictures just don't do it justice.

But lets give it a shot >>>
Here's a recap in photo's...
 in route to water
the hot springs...a favorite, for sure.
if you ever go, go here. its a must.
 night time got a lil' creepy-dark-cold!
but we just it was fine.
farkle farkle farkle!!! <<<great camping game, really...great anytime game.
 we came across a few ruins...
and they were...crazy cool.
 we smiled a a lot a lot...
if you woke up to this would too.
 we ate tons...even while camping...high class stuff y'all
 and took so many pictures...
magical stuff, eh?!
 we drove around...and explored
we drove and drove and drove.
 and just hung out...
{the little white spot is our tent}
 the views were amazing...
this was our last camp spot, the favorite, for sure.
and i found some rad goodies, thats always a plus.

exciting news...
i saw a kangaroo rat and a shooting star @ the same time!
"cool" you might say? yes.
we also now have indian names.
red-knees & pee's-a-lot
guess which one i am?
{heres a hint...i pee a lot}

That pretty much sums up the AWEsomeness.
and did i mention...THE STARS WERE INSANE.

A great trip to say the least,
I hope the bf had a fun birthday.
 I wonder...Where to next?!??? 

Taylor Sue

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