Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stuck On You.

 a tune by Meiko
i must confess, when i wear this dress
i feel like dancing the whole night with you
and when i do, doo doo doo doo doo
i feel so happy, I'm stuck on you
'cause you are the one i could see having fun with
not just for the night, but for the rest of my life
you are the one i could never be done with
i want you tonight and for the rest of my life
you are so dreamy, feel like I'm in the movies
i feel so happy, I'm stuck on you
{i want everything she makes. NOW}

likey? pass it on.
tootles, Taylor Sue

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


my instagrams.
camping parties, gum for grandpa, bacon.cheese.burgers, watch dogs, boredom, nature,
mexican booze x 2, sunbathing birds, corduroy&fringe, goodies for bf, lake life, nerd lovin', 
backyard, mikeyman,, giant jenga.

follow me @ tayzavay
have a good one friends.
Taylor Sue

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


1.) miss McCoy had a camping birthday party
2.) we celebrated my sisters graduation...some more :)
3.) best boy card ever.
4.) tay's array
{fringe tank, urban. green lace tank, friend. skinny jeans, f21. wedge booties, kohl's.
sunnies, target. amethyst ring, grandma's. tassel necklace, gift}
5.) also...
monday...we played in the sun...and i took some awesome pictures
...and then i lost my camera.
it sunk to the bottom.of.the.lake
a sad day, but a life lived.
hopefully ill have a new partner in crime soon.

6.) i also got this lil' tummy bug...that sucked
but now I'm back to my "eating everything in sight" self...thats awesome

Hope everyone had a grrrrrreat weekend.
And a big thank you to all who have fought for our freedom.

Toot-a-loo friends,
Taylor Sue

Sunday, May 27, 2012


its true.
i have a crush. 
on a girl.
miss zooey deschanel
i can relate to her awkwardness
and she's oh so purdy, and talented.
you should listen to her {she&him} song 
called i was made for you
i like it...pass it on.
i was takin' a walk
when i saw you pass by
i thought i saw you lookin' my way
so i thought i'd give you a try

when i saw you smile
i saw a dream come true
so i asked you, maybe 
baby whatch'ya gonna do?

'cause i have been waitin' for a long, long time
for a boy like you
i won't be waitin' anymore cause i know
baby, baby
i was made for you.
i can't wait to get a record player...and listen to this... all>>day>>long.

Oh, and have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!!!
{I'm sure Zooey would wish you the same}


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bits & Pieces

Here are some random wears.
photo's i found...that i like. some bits.
i really enjoy fashion and clothing of all sorts.
 but I normally sport a casual look. hippie...boho sort of vibe??!
so this pic is fun because its the more "dressed up" version of Taylor {3rd person..what whattt}
-nuckle ring, house of harlow>>>shop for something similar here
-forever 21 dark denim skinny jeans>>>shop for $10.80 awesomeness here
-shimmery open back tank>>>a cute stripe one for 9.99! here
-fold over wedges from target {out of stock}>>> here's something very similar.

 this is more of my everyday look...comfy & cute
got this sweater for $1! here and here are some speckled type sweaters.
tigers eye necklace>>> here and here are some amazing ones for sell on etsy.
 vintage avon ring>>> found the exact same one here on etsy. love it!!

 now for something totally unrelated to my fashion choices...
i just dipped my chocolate flavored small rice cakes into crunchy peanut butter!!
just a little...for a sweet treat {a treat that doesn't consist of donuts or ice cream...i wish it did, trust me}
try it...dare you.

now, have a lovely day...tootles!!
Taylor Sue

Friday, May 25, 2012


I've been playing around with some 
design's for my etsy shop
check it...
im gonna try to finish them up this week
print them out, and see if they're cool enough to sell.
hope so!!
i love creating...puts a smile right on my face.
k, tootles
Taylor Sue

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sunflower Obsession.

i have this thing for sunflowers...
a LOVE thing.
I've been going online sunflower crazy...
and i want to either buy it, or try it all!!
my lil' sunflower wish list :)

links below...
1.) pinterest 2.) pinterest 3.) paper plate sunflower 4.) poster 5.) earrings
6.) carving 7.) eggs 8.) throw 9.) diy pillow 10.) no link...just try it!! :)
11.) wall decal 12.) pot holder, placemat 

Isn't the sunflower the BEST flower ever?? 
agree, or ill de-friend you.
i think it runs in the family, my grandma..sister and myself are all in lurve.
what are you obsessed with?!

Taylor Sue

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


so, this team of wakeskate badA.
like for real, i wouldn't lie.
recently they spent a few days in Florida for Devise and Conquer
which is a photo and video contest between 3 teams.
they get 3 days to make props, take photo's and video, and ride.
check out obscura's cowboy & indian themed video here and VOTE for it :)
its RAD. they built that set in 1 day, crazy huh?!
no questions asked...I'm team obscura...just like I'm team edward, duh.
but go check out all the videos for yourself...everyone did great.
Voting ends the 31st and the winner will be on the july cover of Transworld Wakeboarding!!
here's obscura video form last year.
they won...just saying'

so go vote, and then have yourself a dandy day.
Taylor Sue

Monday, May 21, 2012

Tay's Array::Switch It Up the middle of the day, i get bored.
So ill switch up my outfit a bit.
i like to spice things up ;)  
{shirt, thrifted. jeans, thrifted. long necklace, from a friend. skirt, garage sale. sunnies, target}

-i started off with jeans in the am, and then switched to a flowy skirt mid day.
-started off with my hair down and then threw a sock in it.
-started off with jewelry and then took it off.
its should try it sometime.

by the way...
i do love nerds.
and i am one.

have a nerd-tastic day!!
Taylor Sue