Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bits & Pieces

Here are some random wears.
photo's i found...that i like. some bits.
i really enjoy fashion and clothing of all sorts.
 but I normally sport a casual look. hippie...boho sort of vibe??!
so this pic is fun because its the more "dressed up" version of Taylor {3rd person..what whattt}
-nuckle ring, house of harlow>>>shop for something similar here
-forever 21 dark denim skinny jeans>>>shop for $10.80 awesomeness here
-shimmery open back tank>>>a cute stripe one for 9.99! here
-fold over wedges from target {out of stock}>>> here's something very similar.

 this is more of my everyday look...comfy & cute
got this sweater for $1! here and here are some speckled type sweaters.
tigers eye necklace>>> here and here are some amazing ones for sell on etsy.
 vintage avon ring>>> found the exact same one here on etsy. love it!!

 now for something totally unrelated to my fashion choices...
i just dipped my chocolate flavored small rice cakes into crunchy peanut butter!!
just a little...for a sweet treat {a treat that doesn't consist of donuts or ice cream...i wish it did, trust me}
try it...dare you.

now, have a lovely day...tootles!!
Taylor Sue

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