Sunday, May 27, 2012


its true.
i have a crush. 
on a girl.
miss zooey deschanel
i can relate to her awkwardness
and she's oh so purdy, and talented.
you should listen to her {she&him} song 
called i was made for you
i like it...pass it on.
i was takin' a walk
when i saw you pass by
i thought i saw you lookin' my way
so i thought i'd give you a try

when i saw you smile
i saw a dream come true
so i asked you, maybe 
baby whatch'ya gonna do?

'cause i have been waitin' for a long, long time
for a boy like you
i won't be waitin' anymore cause i know
baby, baby
i was made for you.
i can't wait to get a record player...and listen to this... all>>day>>long.

Oh, and have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!!!
{I'm sure Zooey would wish you the same}


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