Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Tummies!

Enchilada Time!!!
/// warning ///
*i don't cook often *and i don't use cooking "terms"
this is one of the only things I'm ok at making.

-i saw this recipe on pinterst, and wrote down
the ingredients but forgot to jot down important things...
like how much of this and that.
so i made it up, and it works, just go with me.

/// you will need ///
chicken {pre-made is easier}, flour tortillas, 
chicken broth, sour cream, diced green chili peppers, 
shredded cheese, butter, flour.
1.) shred that chicken. add to torts with whatever cheese you want. wrap
em up and set aside. pre-heat oven to 350.
2.) melt a scoop o' butter...add handful of flour to it and stir. then
add 3/4 can of chicken broth, stir until smooth. let sit on medium heat 
until thick and bubbly.
3.) this takes about 5 minutes, so pour a glass of wine and then 
instagram it like it did...obsessed.
4.) once bubbly add sour cream + chili's, stir good. should look like last pic.
and then....
5.) pour onto tortilla creation and bake for 22 minutes. after i put more cheese on
top and cook for a few more minutes.
6.) if you're cool like us you'll play "draw something" while in the same room. 
that was my first atemp at shrek, obviously i'm awesome at the game...
7.) ta-da!! your'e done, add some ranch style beans to the mix bc they're amazing...
annnnddd stuff your face. then smile big, because holy yum.

looks decent, huh?
i promise if i can do it, you can too!

like i said, cooking isn't my forte, but whenever i find 
new, awesome, easy recipes...ill be sure to share.
Have a enchilada-rific day!

Taylor Sue

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