Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Tummies :-)

Spaghetti Squash with Shrimp!!

ok, check it...
this stuff is YUM-o-LICIOUS.

first of all...spaghetti squash is super new to me.
it's our new substitute for pasta and i'm so excited.
if you've never seen one, this is what it looks like
located by the good ol' regular zucchini and squash
1.) just cut her in half and scoop out the seeds & goo,
like you would a pumpkin.
then put her in the microwave for 12 to 14 min.
mine was super big, for smaller ones i do 8-10 min.

2.) while thats happening, i get the saucy sauce going.
here's what i use.
vegetable oil, white wine, 2 tomato's, onion
{a pearl onion would be perfect}
1 garlic clove, feta cheese crumbles and basil.
3.) chop up the onion, tomatoes and garlic
nice and small...or chunky, however you'd like
then throw it in a pan with...lets say...a healthy drizzle...of vegetable oil
and about half a cup of wine, or whatever.
i kinda just poured in the rest of my bottle.
4.) and get your shrimp going at the same time
this was just a bag of frozen small shrimp
add some salt n pepper and a chunk o' butter...and ta da.
5.) i pretty much cooked these 2 things during the 12 or so
minutes the squash was in the microwave.
then i combined them...and let sit while i "spaghetti-fied"{new word?} my squash
6.) run a fork through your squash...and it makes spaghetti noodles!!!
vegetable spaghetti!!! <--so perfect for this carb lover, seems so much like pasta!!
7.) now just add your noodles and your sauce-shrimp combo together
sprinkle your basil and feta cheese...and you're ready to get to stuff in'!!
*check out my fancy eating area, nice eh??*'ll do!

i plan on trying anything and everything with
my new love...spaghetti squash.
let me know if you fall in love too.

Toot a loo
Taylor Sue

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