Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm Inspired.

>>>here are some images that have inspired me a bit lately<<<
maybe something i wanna get into more, or something new
 i wanna try, or just a new perspective on life.

1. Thrifting!!!
i've loved antiques for a loongg time.
anything old.
but i'd the last 2 years or so i've gotten into thrifting.
it all started as a way to fill up my humble abode.
 in a fun & eclectic way, for much much cheaper.
then it turned into a love of finding clothing & accessories as well.
i'm excited to learn about more special places to go,
and how to tell whats vintage and whats not...
certain fabrics...the era...etc. etc. 
it's so fun, and perfect for my personality & lifestyle
because with little $$$
i can go "shopping" often and find one of a kind things.

2. Feelin' healthy
I'm really trying to get back into a 
"working out"..."eating healthy" mindset.
meh. it's so hard --- i'm not a fan.
if i really try i can notice a different just with portion control,
but i love food...sooo thats always up and down.
food roller coaster ya'll!
i just want to feel healthy, and i know working out is part of that,
especially as i get older.
i need to get creative and do things that don't necessarily
feel like working out...even if its roller skating!! zoom zoom
oh..and i'm thinking about doing a half marathon with my mom and sister in october.
13 miles yo!
do you think I'm crazy??
I'm crazy!!

3. Better relationships
without getting into too much detail
at times...i can be pretty stand-offish when it comes to relationships.
of any kind.
not in a rude way...but more of a protecting way.
i think i'm just too sensitive.
a lot of people, i just let in to a certain extent. because its safe.
but it's really starting to sink in...that we're not all the same.
and i should embrace that more...and worry less.
and i must spend more time with my best-a-roo's!
lets make some music ya'll!!

4. Artsy fartsy/bloggin'
i've really gotten in to fashion and d.i.y. blogs lately.

some faves>>>

i've always been a lover of art, and have known that whatever "job" 
i have one day would embody some way, hopefully
so after finishing school and getting my feet wet  with making jewelry, 
upcycled clothing + few photography projects...
i know for sure that id like to be my own boss someday. 
and be able to do what i love.
so in short..this whole blog life has inspired me to push myself and make it happen.
make more art, take more photo's, start selling vintage, make my blog better, 
get my name out there, start journaling ideas and sketches etc etc...
and hopefully one day i can look back at this cool lil'
online journal and feel...proud..accomplished...happy
that i took a shot @ my artsy fartsy dream.
or not..but that would suck butt.

5. Smell the roses {or sunflowers}
i've always been that happy-go-lucky type of person.
and i still am in ways
but i think at times...i would just go through my days...
happy, but not really in tune with my surroundings.
just going through the motions
but now i've started to take the look harder and think deeper.
even if its something that makes me scared, or sad.
and especially if its something that makes me smile.
 i want to remember things better..and enjoy moments more.
maybe its all part of growing up...
or finally having that someone there to enjoy things with.
sorry for those cheesy noodles!
anyway, its more fun this way
and i want to continue to do so.
and btw..sunflowers are my fave fave fave. period.

6. Knitting and or crochet!!
while watching stop work...
just something fun & creative to pass time.
and if i got decent at it i'd have some fun keepsakes.
i'm hoping ill have enough patience for this.
hope hope hope
* learning to sew better is still on the list, but that's nothing new*

ok. das is alles.
for now.
it's kind of like a new years resolution list...i suppose
like 4 months late, or just on time. whatever.

anything inspiring you lately??
fill me in :)
and while you're at it...
**edited to perfection**
{seize the freaky-deaky day}

Taylor Sue


  1. Oh i love making lists like these... they really keep me on track. stick with it Tay... you can do all of these things! you are awesome! and I cant wait to see your journey unfold for you.


  2. You're the sweetest of sweet!!
    I sure hope so :D
    Thanks, you rock!!