Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sister's day & Mama's day

My little sis graduated 
from Texas A&M
Makes me feel old
But so very proud of her...
and guess what???
She moved back!!! yay.
she's going to get her master's, but we told
her she can't walk the stage again...because it was torturous!!
-and i think she's ok with that.

 here are some pics from the weekend!
{just call us the...Squinter McSquinterson's}

 And it was Mother's Day!!!
This is my mama...
 her homemade card said...
"roses are red, violets are blue, there's no mama out there...as cool as you!"
i should go into the card business, eh??

 Anyhoo, mama & sister both ROCK
and yea, my dad is cool too!
 Good luck sister on the rest of your school journey!
The only advice I have is...
do whats best for you. do what makes you happy.
be you.
because you're awesome!!!

That's all.
Taylor Sue

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