Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Funday:::Me & Pups

today was cool.
i just hung out...with the pup's
and soaked up some sun. <--so did the birds.
he loves the camera...obviously.
oh dear...doesn't Penny look sooo vicious!?!?! HAHA
i have this problem...
almost everything i buy, i cut up in some way.
I've gotten better at it...but its also left me with some cool fabric scraps.
like the one above. which i can use 2 ways.
a cute lil sun top, or a nice sarong beach wrap.
whoa..sarong...havent said that word in a while.
anyway...if you have any scrap lying around, give it a try.
super easy for the beach or the lake!!
{swimsuit top, target. maxi dress left overs, target. sunglasses, target. wow, i like target.
swimsuit clue}

hope your sunday was FUN.
have a dandy week.
Taylor Sue

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