Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sunflower Obsession.

i have this thing for sunflowers...
a LOVE thing.
I've been going online sunflower crazy...
and i want to either buy it, or try it all!!
my lil' sunflower wish list :)

links below...
1.) pinterest 2.) pinterest 3.) paper plate sunflower 4.) poster 5.) earrings
6.) carving 7.) eggs 8.) throw 9.) diy pillow 10.) no link...just try it!! :)
11.) wall decal 12.) pot holder, placemat 

Isn't the sunflower the BEST flower ever?? 
agree, or ill de-friend you.
i think it runs in the family, my grandma..sister and myself are all in lurve.
what are you obsessed with?!

Taylor Sue

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