Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tay's Array & Miss Madeline

this is my new tigers eye necklace. so in love.
oh dear. I'm crazy about the sock bun.
{and maybe wayyy behind?}
either way...lil' tutorial coming soon.
so...this is what i wore today.
it's still fun to layer in warmer weather!
it got kinda rainy & gross, but at least my tank top is sunny.
{tank top, tsr. lace top, from friend. shorts, charlotte russe. 
necklace, uncommon objects. boots, minnetonka. the sock in my hair, from madeline}

this is madeline.
we met while water skiing in germany,
and then skiied together in brazil.
and have tried to meet up whenever we can since.
next stop, chi town!
here's a little flashback...
 and i have one word for it...POOF.

 anyway...back to 2012
we had a way fun weekend.
and ate way too many tacos.
we're such noodles.
thats my new favorite word <---thanks madeline.
i also learned that instagram has more than 3 filters...thanks for that too.

hope everyone has a good week, stay dry!!
taylor sue


  1. you and madeline r so purdy and sweet. love you Tay... and miss your face! see you friday xxxx

  2. aww thanks!! love you too, see you soon XO

  3. Love your top knot/sock bun! It looks fab : )