Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tay's Array:::2 in 1

so yea, maybe you're surprised?!
i sure am. i worked out people! going on 3 days in a row...holler.
Iim sure a few lunks {planet fitness humor} looked at my sweet floral tights weird.
 whatever...floral rocks. in any form.
it's clearly been awhile
half i come. eeeeeeeeekkk.
**oh! and my excuse for never working out
always used to be "my hair gets sweaty and then i have to wash it"
well...wa-la, I've found dry shampoo!!!**
no more excuses for me haha.

moving on...
i wore this most of the day.
shop for similar awesome-ness here
yes, i've been wearing it every couple days, sue rocks.
i love my new open back tube top by 
baby girl tried to eat my "spinny thing"... rude.
 {tube top, poor pitiful pearl. corduroys, old navy. bolo tie, ebay.
tigers eye necklace, uncommon objects {i wear new things a lot}. birks.}

k. I'm out!
ill try to wear something more fancy soon.
it doesn't happen much.

Taylor Sue xoxo

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