Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wall Art D.I.Y

I took my 1st of the month trip to Goodwill yesterday.
Because thats when I'm not {as} worried about money.
And i found this bad boy...
{there's a few crappy phone bad}
SEXY huh?
Shoulder pads and all.
{please excuse the wrinkles}
Fell in love with this lady and decided to make her way cooler.
At first...i thought...maybe make a tote?
Then i was like...nahhh...i want her on my wall.

So. I found an old frame.
And i cut her up.
Like so.
And then i taped her over.
to hold her tight and protect her.
and wa-la!
She's so much prettier now...huh?! yea.
A real beaut.
                           I named her Chick-A-Rita!!           She makes me want a margarita.
                        {she lives above my bed...}             ...while wearing these rad things.
                        And its obvious that i adore her,       cool right? yea buddy. <--in pauly d voice
                       because I've been referring to her     
                          she's human.            

Anyhoo, hopefully this little diddy helps show some of y'all that
its very fun and easy to turn something old into something fun and new!
someones trash...with shoulder pads...can be your treasure!!
*if you try this...send me a pic!!*

oh yea...pen wanted to say HI
Taylor Sue

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