Saturday, June 30, 2012

My goodies...My goodies!

 these are the newest goodies up in my etsy shop.
can shop here here and here
more coming soon, everyone have a grrreat weekend!! xo

Taylor Sue

Friday, June 29, 2012

6am...Wi-Fi...Frozen Yo...Strippers.

1.) 6am
i was randomly wide awake @ 6am this morning.
and if you know me...thats SO not normal.
i decided to make the best of it, and go for a run.
it wasn't too bad...{as far as running goes}
i saw the sun rise, and had myself some good weather...
way better than yesterday!!
soooo...i got that goin' for me.
 2.) Wi-Fi
i kinda live in the a cottage-type place.
and i haven't really had internet for about a year.
{if having to open your window to get any sort of signal is considered internet...
then i guess i had it sometimes}

but guess i have it!!! and WiFi!!!
its so luxurious.
i can play on my computer anywhere
told ya.

 3.) Frozen Yo
me and my friend PP had a date today.
 we went to orange 2nd lover.
i treated myself to some yummy yogurt.
covered with nuts, choc chips and whoppers. yep, you heard me...whoppers.
it was straight up...magical

4.) Strippers
we also saw Magic Mike
this movie has gotta be making so many ladies out
it was pretty interestingllllyyy...awesome?
 way to go Channing sure do know how to "move it" "move it"

and while we're on the movie topic...
i can't wait to see
Moonrise Kingdom 
{this sketch is soooo me & stefan}

and Savages
i love me a good movie!! 
which is a good thing...bc i have a list of movies to watch a freaking mile long
i wasn't "so hip" growing up...and now im playing catch up.

Anyways, that's it
posting more delicious goodies to my etsy in a bit...
stay tuned.

Taylor Sue

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today I...

wore this...
crop, tube top turned skirt, saltwater sandals
ate this...
rabbit food and cheese
and this...
los gallos carne guisada tacos are glorious, especially by the river.
annnnd this.
breaded fish with more rabbit food...and cheese.
obviously not my favorite thing in the world
*but i was with the sis and mama...and we talked about wedding plans, so that was cool*
and it was...this freaking hot.
holy freak freak, i got myself a headache for sure.
 captured this girl...using a pillow.
she's so darn good at it.
  added these goods to etsy
can shop here, here and here.
more coming tomorrow :)
and dreamt about this...
costa rica!!! we're going in january!
horrraaayyy, I've been wishing for a family vacay for a good while :)
*so obviously the world can't end in december, because we have tropical sunburns 
and a glorious wedding to plan. duh*

thats it for today.
what have YOU been up to??

be back soon,
Taylor Sue

Tay's Array...Crop-tastic.

{crop top, f21. tube top turned skirt...oldschool rue21. belt, thrifted. saltwater sandals}

you caught wearing that dang crop top again
i may be in lurve. so just forgive me.

its been hot as hayyyy here in texas...
so I've been doing whatever i can to wear light a flowy clothing.
and most importantly, i just go from one ac to another...thats how you survive.

more vintage and fringe goods coming later today...
stay tuned.

Taylor Sue

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


new fringe and vintage far.
check em' out here >>>
more coming soon.

Whats your fave so far?!
Toot a Loo's
Taylor Sue

the BEST kind of memories

pictures pictures pictures!!
"i love taking pictures, i want to capture the world"

we just got a big batch of film developed...
here are a few gems from big bend and my birthday
its been a while since both, so its great to re-live these fun times.

big bend...

these pictures make my heart smile.
can't wait to capture 12 billion more moments.

 {a holga, fish eye and canon f1n were used}
*some of the fish eye's are a bit dark...sorry. but I'm not sorry for that lazy eye I'm rockin'*

toot a loo's
Taylor Sue