Friday, June 8, 2012


It's true.
i have a nice head of hair
but i want more
or always need to tease it more
or need a new trick to make it look bigger
or want a fro for a day

basically...i was born in the wrong era
because all i want is BIG hair.
don't you love these pictures??!! {all from pinterest}
i wanted to photoshop my face into all of them...but that'd be too time consuming.
so i didn't.

so, since the "bump it" totally doesn't work
and teasing constantly could cause hair loss
here are some tricks I've come across...that could spice things up
 the SOCK BUN and the HAIR BOW.
cool huh???
the sock bun is my new best friend...and I'm trying to master the hair bow
i made some video tutorials >> bun & bow

and besides that, i guess all i have left is hairspray
and leaving a bun in for days...which also leads to a few dread locks.
freaking rad.
maybe someday ill be this brave
major hair commitment.

anyway...theres my hair rant
now ill leave you with this little diddy
my mom used to sing it to us all the time
and I'm pretty sure my sister preformed to it in a talent show
its pretty spectacular.
its a song called HAIR  <---click there

Toot a Loo
Taylor Sue


  1. Ah! Fantastic! I've tried a sock tutorial that was not at all the same, and I could not figure out how everyone got it to look so perfect. Totally going to try this real soon :) I creeped over from poor pitiful pearl blog today :)

  2. Awesome!! Glad PPP led you here :) The sock bun is soooo easy...have fun with it!! xo