Sunday, June 3, 2012



How does a crescent roll wrapped hot dog sound???
on a stick!
all i gotta say is >>> drool.

you just need
-beef franks {or turkey..whatev's}
-can of crescent rolls {makes 8}

**sorry for all the phone camera sunk to the bottom of the lake, remember?!**
1.) stick the dogs
2.) wrap with crescent roll dough
3.) put on baking pan {sprayed with pam}
4.) bake on 375 for 15 minutes {half way thru flip them over}
5.) get so excited you look like your 12 years old again...and then take a picture.
added some sweet potatoes to the mix...and it was magical
darn>>>theres def. nothing green on that plate. next time!! ;)
then...for breakfast...i ate another
added a bit of powdered sugar and syrup. with some strawberries.
double yum.

GREAT for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!
they can't be terribly good for you...
which is terribly bad for me bc i'm gonna want them all the time now.

happy cooking!!
Taylor Sue

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