Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Be Wishin'

So, lately I've been wishing
on a star... {lots of them}
for things like this.
i currently don't have a bath tub...and if you know me...its been very traumatic.
so just to make up for it, I'm asking for something this fantastic in my next crib. k? thanks.
I'm getting my grandparents awesome, old school, vintage record player someday...
but this will do until then. and maybe like, 13 more records.
i could really use a maxi dress in my life...specifically for layering purposes.
I've wanted/needed a patchwork quilt for some time now. it'd be really cool
if i could make my own. but that might take forever.
so one...or two of these would be perfect until then.
and I'm not gonna lie, i kinda want another one of these.
to cuddle with under my patchwork quilt. duh
we're gonna be dog hoarders one day...might as well start now.
just sayin'
this gal, led me to this site, which led me to falling in love with these mocs!
can i have them...puh-lease.
i wore some prairie boots around the other day...and kind of fell in love.
they work with shorts, pants, dresses...pretty much a no brainer.
those pants aren't half bad either.
****i really really really want one of these bad boys****
polaroid lovin!
i like the brown {weird i know} but its wayyy more expensive. lame
and then i can take RAD pictures like these!!
I'm having a love for hats lately. this would be just perfect for my summertime head.
isn't this rock BEAUTIFUL. i want...need...pretty please??!
i promise i won't slam someone in the head with it while dancing...like I've done before. eeeek
now, for my stomach needs. sushi, pronto. I've missed you and your fried bananas
and kirin...and everything. see you soon.
and for my sweet tooth. orange leaf...i love you and your pomegranate frozen yogurt.
and i know i had you yesterday...but id still like you again, real soon.
last but not least, a vacay. is that too much to ask?? 
look...our names are already on the chairs. its meant to be.
oh yea...somewhere tropical please.


i know i don't NEED any of this baloney
but a girl can dream, right??

ps. i actually see the frozen yogurt, polaroid and sushi dream coming true soon. YAY

k. I'm off to get a sunburn>>>and pretend like I'm in that last picture.
what are you wishing for lately??
Taylor Sue

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