Saturday, June 23, 2012

A night out. A big surprise

i wore this...
{lace top, uo. tank, thrifted. ring, gift. jeans, f21. boots, steve madden}

we ate and drank this...
{cheese...and more cheese. and of course, a margarita<--duh, its friday}

i found out...
that my lil' sis got engaged!!!
{congrats amanda & steven}

and then i...
"cry-giggled" for about an hour. sorry stefan.
amazing moment captured. thanks stefan.

then we got real crazy ...
and found ourselves @ lunar bowling. 
with these kiddo's
their photo booth was "out of order" <---dislike!
but this photo makes up for it :)
and this one...
this really happened to my mom back in the day...
she got her hand stuck in that there ball thing. 
they had to shut it down...and take it all apart.
hi mom!

glow in the dark...what whhaaattt.
lola had me bowl for her, and i wowed 
strike! wham bam, thank you ma'am.
2nd surprise of the night!
dear golly, check out that form.

this guy...
makes me oh so happy.

thats all folks.
pretty intense, i know ;)

yay for my you bunches.
ps. im gonna be a mess at your wedding.

toot a freaking loo
Taylor Sue

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