Friday, June 1, 2012


I don't think you've formally met...
this is Penny Lane.
also called...PenPen...Penny Sue...Booger...Pushy Penny.
She's 2 years old.
{we think} She's part beagle, part heeler
She loves monkeys
And likes to sleep under the covers.
I got her at the river.
She's amazing.
and my bestest friend.
she sheds...and sheds...and sheds...and sheds
and then...sheds some more.
i could have made like 12 other dogs by now

do you guys have any magical tips???
can you shave short hair dogs??
would it help to brush her hair every day??
should i just get over it??
i think i should just get over it.

good thing she's cute!!

Anyway...back to my hairy life.
full of penny kisses.
Taylor Sue

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