Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tay's Array:::NewNewNew

>>> we finally took pictures in a sunflower field <<<
its been on the list for awhile, check!
and obviously i love it was way fun.
{new dress, f21. boots, steve madden. knuckle ring, house of harlow. 
fave sunnies, target. baby lips by maybelline}

::: and now, some random fun shots with the new cam :::
{pure excitement, ridiculous dog, pretties from the boo}

did you know dogs have belly buttons?!?!?!??!?!
google it.
i had no clue.
penny doesn't...but mikey sure does.
I'm wowed.

in other news, now does collages, huh?

now heres a video that's sure to wow you
jk jk...its so not special...and its silly.
but having the option to video now will come in handy!!

das ist alles
ps. i love my new partner in crime
Toot a Loo's 
Taylor Sue

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