Monday, June 4, 2012

Tay's Array:::Summertime

A new hat
some sun dresses
new plants
floral print
bandana do's
>>> feels like summertime <<<
**although they kinda have a vintage feel...which i dig, i apologize
for these silly phone pics. need a new camera, meh**
{pattern dress, maxi from target..cut up. floral dress, PPP custom. 
hat, target. floral tank, urban. home sweet home sign, diy here}

I've come to the conclusion...
that i freaking love summer
need some more mini dresses
have a new love for hats
wanna be a mermaid <---i think i actually transformed this wknd.
Hello Summer 2012
bring it on.

 what are your favorite summer styles??
Tootles xo
Taylor Sue

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