Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today I...

wore this...
crop, tube top turned skirt, saltwater sandals
ate this...
rabbit food and cheese
and this...
los gallos carne guisada tacos are glorious, especially by the river.
annnnd this.
breaded fish with more rabbit food...and cheese.
obviously not my favorite thing in the world
*but i was with the sis and mama...and we talked about wedding plans, so that was cool*
and it was...this freaking hot.
holy freak freak, i got myself a headache for sure.
 captured this girl...using a pillow.
she's so darn good at it.
  added these goods to etsy
can shop here, here and here.
more coming tomorrow :)
and dreamt about this...
costa rica!!! we're going in january!
horrraaayyy, I've been wishing for a family vacay for a good while :)
*so obviously the world can't end in december, because we have tropical sunburns 
and a glorious wedding to plan. duh*

thats it for today.
what have YOU been up to??

be back soon,
Taylor Sue

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