Tuesday, June 12, 2012


First off...
here's my slightly "special" dog
she had a BIG weekend!!
she swam and swam and swaaammm.
the highlight was watching her jump off the dock...
flying squirrel-belly flop style
it was amazing.
 i gave her a 10.
wish i had pictures of it all. but i didn't wanna lose my camera, again.
I'm sure ill capture some belly flop's soon enough...i hope.
but for now, this picture will do.

this is what i wore...today.
there's been talk about my shirt being too...uh...manly???
but whatever. 3 dolla make ya holla.
and thats a hair bow! tutorial here
{plaid shirt, thrifted $3. necklace, urban. fringe boots, minnetonka boots. 
shorts, charlotte ruse. yellow purse, target. hair bow, awesome}
these are my new saltwater sandals!!
i love them love love loveee
I've been wearing boots a lot this summer..so far
weird, i know.
...and other than that i live in my birkenstocks.
so this NEEDED to happen :)

now this, my friends, is exciting....
my etsy will soon have vintage for sale!!!! :)
i have a lot of fun vintage pieces that can be worn as skirts or tube dresses. 
can't wait to show you all of them!!
here are 3 different ways to style.
and that green fringe crop top will be for sale soon too!

many exciting things...coming your way. xo

and last, but not least...i got to see some BEAutiful friends.
we all met up at a baby shower this weekend
and it was fantasticO!
miss charlotte just fell right asleep with her belly out
{or i let it out for the picture...whatever}
moral of the story...
 my friends are rad & i need to see them more.

Thats all for today...
i'm off for a lil' cat nap, and then back to work.
everyone have a great week!! 
and don't melt.

ps. i love having weekends off
Taylor Sue

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