Saturday, June 2, 2012


i got surprised...
with tickets to mr. willie nelson
what whaattttt!
best boyfriend award???!
i think, yes.
{for this, and many many other reasons}

we sat on the back porch the other night...
karaoke-ing to some fave tunes...
and willie came up
I'm just gonna go ahead and think he'll live forever
but what if??
we needed to see him prooonntttooo.

and looky there!
its gonna happen :)

Thats all.
Hope you're having a GREAT weekend xo

Toot a loo's
Taylor Sue


  1. exciting! ive seen him about 4 times live now and its always just as good. and each year i think, oh man, i need to see him, it could be his last! but like you, i think hell live on forever :) love this man.

  2. im pumped. first timer here! ;) and btw just got some blowfish shoes in the mail {saw the sale on your blog}...LOVE thanks!! xo