Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekends & Wants

this weekend i...
1.) celebrated 366 days with mr. schriewer :)
2.) celebrated 34 years with miss PPP.
3.) celebrated USA's awesomeness, yayyyy olympics!

AND... I've been lusting over these goodies.
 a girl can wish. right?!
1.) want...these gorgeous rings. here
2.) want...this hair print. thats totally me. here 
3.) want...a crochet swimsuit. here
4.) want...this rad amethyst necklace. here
5.) want...this awesome aries print. here
6.) NEED a vacay. 
{good thing there's one planned in January...and hopefully April!}

so since I'm student...ridiculously broke these days,
and can't afford any of this. its fun to make a pretty wish list :)
but all we need is love.
right?! and i got that. so I'm good!

oh, and this magic...
"Life is for deep kisses, strange adventures, midnight swims + rambling conversations"
found the last picture & quote over at fave people to follow.

Thats all for today.
I'm off to play in the sunshine with my loves.
Taylor Sue

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Whats New...

here's whats new over at TaylorSueForYou

friends, let me know...
do you love a certain piece...or want me to keep an eye out for something particular??? 
and ill do my best to deliver.

thats it as of late.
hope your weekend is going well...
i just got done celebrating a friends birthday, and now off to have a few drinks.
also back to the dog sitting...its been a big dog month for me ;)
whatever your doing, hope your having fun.
Taylor Sue

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flower Child {diy headband}

i love...FLOWERS!!
here's my newest diy, love how it turned out.
>>>floral headband<<<
wanna make your own?
supplies: fake flowers, scissors, thread, headband or ribbon, needle

1. find some flowers you love. cut off from bunch. {mine are from hobby lobby}
2. start linking your flowers together into a row.
3. where stems meet, tie together...i used thread.
4. continue linking together and tying, until long enough to fit around your headband/ribbon.
5. then in-between each flower sew onto your headband or ribbon. do all the way around.
6. DONE!! wear with a messy bun, or with your hair down...great versatility.

this project probably took me about 45 minutes. and cost around $10.
if i were to do it again, i would do it on a less stretchy headband...or a ribbon.
{i didn't think about the stretchy-ness until i put it on my head and it ripped some of the thread}
super easy process tho, so glad i finally gave it a shot!!
I'm sure ill have a nice little collection soon.
happy crafting!!
shoot me a picture if you give it a try :)

Taylor Sue

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pillow Talk .

everyone knows what pillow talk is...riggghhht??

it all takes place in bed...
resting on your trusty pillows.
its where the most important talks happen!

early or late
young or old
with your love, or by yourself
tipsy or sober
warm or cold

where plans come together
past + future are discussed
where prayers are made, and thanks are given.
where the best cuddles happen.
where dreams take place.

i think this subject comes up, because I'm extremely happy...
with who i share my pillow with, and who I've become.

these pillows have seen a lot...
lotsa wet hair and penny kisses.
ups and downs.
some weird & crazy dreams.
too much horrible tv.
tears and laughter.
and many many many naps.

most of all...
its just cool to realize that what i used to "wish" for, i now have.
{the boyfriend i have now...I've liked since i was 16}
and it'll be exciting to look back in another 10 years
and see how far we've come.
until then, 
ill fall asleep with a smile...
because dreams do come true.

Taylor Sue
{ps. sorry for all those cheesy noodles, this blog took a turn for the sappy. but i like it. so...there.}

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reminiscing...Ski Days {part 3}

this is the last part of my lil "ski days" blog series. 
{here are part 1 & part 2}
in 2008, i took a long-exciting-delayed-scary-confusing-whirlwind flight to Brazil.
it was awesome to finally reunite with 3 ladies i skiied with in Germany, 
and meet 2 crazy Australians and sweet Ryan. A small, fun little ski team.

we stayed in a hotel, in an industrial part of the city...close to Sao Paulo.
we were part of an exhibition show at a theme park called Hopi Hari. 
for where we were, the ski site was like a little slice of heaven.
and we wore lots of POOFS in our hair...beware.

here we are >>> team brazil!
another fun and interesting adventure...
full of unlimited ice cream, fire shots, capivara, lots of cheese, and giggles.
apparently we were in a dangerous area, so us girls weren't allowed to go outside after dark. 
the team was able to make one trip to the beaches in Guaruja...FUN. and a quicky to Sao Paulo.
but sadly half way thru our trip a friend was badly injured. a very surreal experience, still.
however, about a year ago me and maddie were able to see him get married, 
and that was amazing.

its crazy to look back at all this, pictures help keep the memories alive!
its weird...but i haven't skiied anywhere since Brazil, 
and i definitely miss the friends and being able to travel.
maybe again someday...
i am very grateful for all of the opportunities, and cherish the memories and friendships
that were made along the way :)
hope you had fun taking a walk down memory lane with me!!

Taylor Sue