Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flower Child {diy headband}

i love...FLOWERS!!
here's my newest diy, love how it turned out.
>>>floral headband<<<
wanna make your own?
supplies: fake flowers, scissors, thread, headband or ribbon, needle

1. find some flowers you love. cut off from bunch. {mine are from hobby lobby}
2. start linking your flowers together into a row.
3. where stems meet, tie together...i used thread.
4. continue linking together and tying, until long enough to fit around your headband/ribbon.
5. then in-between each flower sew onto your headband or ribbon. do all the way around.
6. DONE!! wear with a messy bun, or with your hair down...great versatility.

this project probably took me about 45 minutes. and cost around $10.
if i were to do it again, i would do it on a less stretchy headband...or a ribbon.
{i didn't think about the stretchy-ness until i put it on my head and it ripped some of the thread}
super easy process tho, so glad i finally gave it a shot!!
I'm sure ill have a nice little collection soon.
happy crafting!!
shoot me a picture if you give it a try :)

Taylor Sue

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