Saturday, July 21, 2012

Layers n Lace

this is my array...for the day.
i've found a new way to wear my bandana!! {theres a sock bun in there too}
the lace top is from target. a great summer layering staple :)

and of course, some kisses from penny!!
i've been rockin' the bandana do's and sock buns lately...
but i just came across some new hair inspiration.
the flower crown!!
i've seen diy tutorials here and there...but haven't really paid attention until lately.
they caught my eye while doing wedding research for sister,
and by research i mean looking on pinterest.
anyhoo, i am now extra flower obsessed...
 and i plan to incorporate them into my everyday wear.
if I'm successful...ill be sure to share my diy process!

::: thats all for today :::
i'm off to frolic in the water with my cute pup.
happy weekend to you!!

Taylor Sue

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