Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Old Stuff. And An Update.

love these new pieces!!
such fun colors + patterns.
they are available here, here and here

also, here's a half marathon training update...
dun dun dunnnnnn
i ran for a whole freaking hour
for reals
didn't know it was possible
im pumped.
I'm pretty sure i looked like this...but what the hay.
hopefully i can keep it up!

thats all for today
see ya's next time!
Taylor Sue


  1. so proud of you, Tay! How do you handle running in the heat?

  2. thanks ash!! well, the hour run was on a that helped. I've just been trying to stay moving for long periods of time. {think it'll end up taking around 2.5 hours} when I've gone outside it has to be early morning, which i hate, but its wayyyyy better than dealing with the freaking heat!!