Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pillow Talk .

everyone knows what pillow talk is...riggghhht??

it all takes place in bed...
resting on your trusty pillows.
its where the most important talks happen!

early or late
young or old
with your love, or by yourself
tipsy or sober
warm or cold

where plans come together
past + future are discussed
where prayers are made, and thanks are given.
where the best cuddles happen.
where dreams take place.

i think this subject comes up, because I'm extremely happy...
with who i share my pillow with, and who I've become.

these pillows have seen a lot...
lotsa wet hair and penny kisses.
ups and downs.
some weird & crazy dreams.
too much horrible tv.
tears and laughter.
and many many many naps.

most of all...
its just cool to realize that what i used to "wish" for, i now have.
{the boyfriend i have now...I've liked since i was 16}
and it'll be exciting to look back in another 10 years
and see how far we've come.
until then, 
ill fall asleep with a smile...
because dreams do come true.

Taylor Sue
{ps. sorry for all those cheesy noodles, this blog took a turn for the sappy. but i like it. so...there.}

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