Friday, July 13, 2012

Rainy Days & Plays

 here are some lil' collages from over the last few...rainy days.
we need the rain, but texas likes to rain a lot when it finally decides to. geeze.
1.) anyways, while the power was out we decided to be modelo models...yep. call us.
2.) i gave my 1st dude hair cut. high myself. and we played more with cameras.
3.) I've decided to try and really train miss pen...she thinks she's queen of the castle. 
but thats my title.
4.) wore some comfy clothes...and a hat because rain gives me a crazy {not cool} fro.
5.) we did gymnastics...over the water. its obvious who won. he said the angle helped...
i said, wow
6.) i also got to hang out on the water for a sunset.

not too shabby 
for rainy days...or any days really.

are you a fan of rain? its not usually my cup of tea.
but i did enjoy using candles and pretending we were camping again while the power was out :)

now, go have a happy weekend!!
ill be back with more clothes soon
Taylor Sue


  1. haha I totally used to have a shirt like your Alaska one, except it was pink, and had a seal on it and said Alberta. Same style though-so retro!

  2. sounds rad!!! yea...i want sooo many more.