Sunday, July 22, 2012

Reminiscing...Ski Days. {part 1}

It all started when i was 7 years love for the water.

I've been reminiscing about my water skiing days, so heres a walk down memory lane.
I'll do a little 3 part series...of the different places i skiied.

Lets start in good ol' San Antone...that is of course, where it all started.
You had to be 16 years old to water ski at Sea World San Antonio.
I turned 16 on a Wednesday, and started working that Friday.
So this was...2003. 9 years ago whew.
I had dreamed about that job. And it was SO much fun.
I skiied there off and on for 5 years.
And have lotsa memories and great friends to show for it :)

Now, here come the pics. There may be more "fun" ones, but hey...we had fun
its SO fun to look back at pictures, it all seems like yesterday.
i miss it.
i have a bunch of older pictures, but they are all in scrap books. {before fb}
after some years at Sea World, i was able to ski in Germany.
the next part will start there :)

Taylor Sue!


  1. Wow. I didn't even know this existed! That is super cool. Looking forward to part 2!!

  2. Thanks Heidi! Def something i miss. Part 2 tomorrow :)

  3. Seriously. amazing you are. im impressed muchly