Monday, July 23, 2012

Reminiscing...Ski Days. {part 2}

 I've been looking back through pictures of my ski days...and missing it.
This is part 2, Germany. {part 1 here}
I went with some people i knew from Sea World.
I was able to live there for 7 months and ski in a show at Holiday Park.
We went in March of 2007.  It was snowing...and we were freaking skiing....ahhhhwesome.
{warning>>>lots of pictures}
the ski show was pirate themed...with lots of characters, way fun.
i lived in a little city called Geinsheim & loved it.
no gas station, 2 restaurants, a flower shop next door, and a horse in our backyard!
amazing food + drinks. and we rode our bikes everywhere.
PLUS, location & travel wise...we were so close to everything else.
i was able to go to the Canary Islands, Mallorca Spain, Switzerland, Maastricht and Paris.
here are some pics from my travels. {in that order}
i want to do it allllllllll again, and more.
i love to travel.
AND i made some great friends, especially miss madeline!

my last stop was Brazil, i'll finish there tomorrow. 
Taylor Sue


  1. Oh my gosh you're pirates. That is fantastic!! Loving the sharing!

  2. :D arrr! glad you enjoyed it!!