Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reminiscing...Ski Days {part 3}

this is the last part of my lil "ski days" blog series. 
{here are part 1 & part 2}
in 2008, i took a long-exciting-delayed-scary-confusing-whirlwind flight to Brazil.
it was awesome to finally reunite with 3 ladies i skiied with in Germany, 
and meet 2 crazy Australians and sweet Ryan. A small, fun little ski team.

we stayed in a hotel, in an industrial part of the city...close to Sao Paulo.
we were part of an exhibition show at a theme park called Hopi Hari. 
for where we were, the ski site was like a little slice of heaven.
and we wore lots of POOFS in our hair...beware.

here we are >>> team brazil!
another fun and interesting adventure...
full of unlimited ice cream, fire shots, capivara, lots of cheese, and giggles.
apparently we were in a dangerous area, so us girls weren't allowed to go outside after dark. 
the team was able to make one trip to the beaches in Guaruja...FUN. and a quicky to Sao Paulo.
but sadly half way thru our trip a friend was badly injured. a very surreal experience, still.
however, about a year ago me and maddie were able to see him get married, 
and that was amazing.

its crazy to look back at all this, pictures help keep the memories alive!
its weird...but i haven't skiied anywhere since Brazil, 
and i definitely miss the friends and being able to travel.
maybe again someday...
i am very grateful for all of the opportunities, and cherish the memories and friendships
that were made along the way :)
hope you had fun taking a walk down memory lane with me!!

Taylor Sue

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