Monday, July 9, 2012

Willie::Tays Array::Sussies

this happened.
we saw mr. willie nelson
and if you were wondering...he still freaking rocks at 79 years old.
we had some cocktails, danced around and sweated a lot. 
it was fun.
and this is what i wore...
{bandana, thrifted. sparkle open back tank, f21. jean shorts, charlotte russe. rings, target}
the pictures aren't amazing, but it'll do.
it was crazy out there, but fun to see all the different kinds of 
people that come together for willie.
we hope to see him again soon in a smaller setting :)

i also got to see my grandparents this weekend. 
gram & pops {my dads parents}
they came to town to see my sister's ring <---she just got engaged.
and we will all use any excuse to eat some bbq.
{i would have taken pictures...but when i get around pork chops, baked potatoes, 
pecan cobbler, beans, and are the least of my worries. sorry}
anyways, this is what i wore.
I've been really into bandana do's lately...obviously.
its cool, there's so many ways to wear them. try it.
{ppp top..was an oxy but i ripped the sleeve so it got transformed to a tube top :) love it}

now, check out these sussies! ~
freaking love them
especially the pearls from my grandparents.
i got it off amazon for around 63 buck-a-roo's with some birthday money.
and it rocks.
2.) the pearl from hong kong.
my sister got one too that used to be my great grandmas.
**my grandma has started giving her special vintage jewels away...which makes me sad,
but they are also my most prized possessions. so I'm very glad to have them**

thats of late.
more vintage coming soon. promise.
hope everything is swell in your world.
happy monday!

Taylor Sue

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