Thursday, August 30, 2012


these last couple days I got the opportunity to assist a photographer.
it was way fun!!
i've said it before, and ill say it again...
my love for art started with photography.
it was the 1st form of art that i ever really got into.
and i may not be the most technical person, or know anywhere close to
all the in's and out's of the business...but i absolutely adore the creative side.
that probably goes for most things in life, i go the more creative route. always.

anyways...the photographer was very nice, experienced, helpful and fun to work with.
he was very willing to pass on some tricks and lessons he has learned over time.
which was awesome, and very much appreciated.

we shot for 3 days, and the first couple days i sat at a computer and imported
photos for him, went through, sorted and deleted some, and helped get cameras 
set up with fresh memory cards throughout the shoot.
lots of pictures y'all!!
the last day he shot tethered, so i just helped with being an extra light source. 
i wore a massive straw hat and found myself smiling every time the models were told to smile!! 
wish i would have taken more behind the scenes photos...maybe next time.

i won't go into detail about what we were shooting, bc these
prototypes won't be available until next year.
BUT i will say, i had a blast and hope to be a part of this process next year :)

its safe to say i've re-fallen in love with photography...
so hopefully ill start being extra trigger happy!

talk to y'all soon,
Taylor Sue

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Its a LOVE thing.

i recently got to hang out with these lovely gals...
ash bash no longer lives here...and miss p is off to live in costa rica for a bit.
so it was a real treat!
cheers to my loves!
**missed you madster**
we all may be far away at times, but we'll always be close at heart.
and speaking of things i love...
here are a few pics of favorite treasures from around mi casa.
from friends, from fam, from travels, from my boo. 
all tiny reminders that the world is big, relationships are special, and life is good.
love you all.

what makes you smile, what are you thankful for?
tootles my friends...
Taylor Sue

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Diy Banners!

today...i made this D.I.Y banner.
super easy process. + cheap.
i found the foam triangles in the dollar area @ target...
punched holes in them and hung with some hemp.
and wa-la.
i made this one below awhile back...i sewed scrap fabric letters onto cardstock. 
nothing toooo special....but thought id share :)
just trying to spice up mi casa, one cheap project at a time!

happy crafting xo.
Taylor Sue

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall Feelings...

my tropical trips coming up have got me thinking about cooler weather...
im ok with anything that will get me closer to an amazing adventure!
especially when layers, wedges, orange, chunky sweaters, fun decor, fringe, bonfires, 
mix match, ankle boots, PECAN PIE, crazy messy hair, thick socks, plaid, 
and maybe some velvet are involved.
sounds yummy huh?
thats what i keep telling myself...and i freaking love clothes, so bring it.
what are your fall favorites??
Taylor Sue

*pictures from pinterest*

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gettin' Tropical 2013

its finally happening!!!
some vacations are coming up...
they are booked booked and booked!
i can't explain how happy i am,
i haven't been on a serious, i can't remember.
can i get a hallelujah?!

here's all the yummy details.
with these guys....
a family vacay! finally :)
can't freaking wait until January!

drum rrrrooolllllllllll.
with this lovely dude! 
what an adventure this will be, hurry up april!!!

i can't freaking believe it.
 i guess I'm making up for the last couple...or 4 years of no major trips. 
I'm so excited and thankful its all possible.
im gonna take 12 billion photos!

i guess this is the only thing that has me screaming...
hurry up fall >>> hurry up winter!!!
and thats something i NEVER scream.

anyways, thought id share the exciting news.
do you have any trips or adventures in the works??

now, go have a dandy day.
Taylor Sue

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

HEY! this is whats up...

new new new...
vintage + upcycled goods coming asap to my etsy!!!

stay tuned, ya hear?!

Taylor Sue

Monday, August 20, 2012

daaaaa Beach.

one day vacay!!

yes, it was fun.
yes, it was actually sunny.
yes, there was lots of driving.
yes, it was hotttt.
yes, penny didn't listen one bit.
yes, the boys were in heaven.
yes, sand got everrrryyywhere.
yes, i may love the ocean again
yes, i surfed for the 1st time!!

id was a good day.

Taylor Sue