Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Its a LOVE thing.

i recently got to hang out with these lovely gals...
ash bash no longer lives here...and miss p is off to live in costa rica for a bit.
so it was a real treat!
cheers to my loves!
**missed you madster**
we all may be far away at times, but we'll always be close at heart.
and speaking of things i love...
here are a few pics of favorite treasures from around mi casa.
from friends, from fam, from travels, from my boo. 
all tiny reminders that the world is big, relationships are special, and life is good.
love you all.

what makes you smile, what are you thankful for?
tootles my friends...
Taylor Sue


  1. oh me, oh my! I love these photos and I love you!

  2. oh, I need your editing tricks for that first pic!

  3. check out >>> pretty sure i used urbane {and then faded it a bit} super fun website, xo!