Monday, August 6, 2012

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Yurt: In summary the key factors are that it is portable, felt insulated and uses a 
wooden trellis frame. It is easily moved and can be dismounted and re-pitched in one day.

Have you seen a Yurt before??!
They are awesome...i recently learned about them.
They can be used in all types of weather, and are apparently available to 
rent in Big Bend! Just heard that...and don't know the details, 
but it makes me want to go back asap :)

:::This got me thinking:::       
I've known for a long time, that I'm not the best with words.
I can express myself better by writing.
And recently when we took a trip to big bend, i wrote down what we did each day.
i love to look back on moments; pictures and notes help keep the memories alive.
i think thats why i really like this blog, an online scrapbook that tells part of my story.
i looked through our big bend notes the other day and smiled.
it actually brought a few tears, bc in this same notebook i used to write
poems and notes about how much i liked a certain someone and wanted him back in my life.
such cheesyyyy noodles! haha.
that someone is now my boyfriend, who i went on this trip with.
full circle people!! are a few highlights. and terrible handwriting.
i feel like i don't have the best memory, so I'm glad I've started to do this.
hopefully ill start writing more and more, even if its just to straighten my thoughts out,
but especially on trips and adventures!!
*and i hope to at least rent a yurt one day...or live in one, whatever*
Taylor Sue

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