Thursday, August 2, 2012

SALE! and other news...

yay for sales.
lets call it a "happy august, happy birthday daddy & mikey, summer don't end" sale.
at checkout just enter the code: tay15
happy shopping!! xo

 Im also doing some purging around mi casa!
its about time...
that means LOTS of shoes and some clothes & accessories will be up for grabs.
thinking maybe a virtual sale?? or ebay, or an exchange shop.
i could use a buck or two...or a hundred, whatever.
and here's some new upcycled + vintage goodness coming to my etsy soon :)
 so stay tuned, ya hear?!

and this girl..
the best cute-loud-weird-tastic pup a gal could ask for.
::::hugs for mama:::
maybe i made her do it, maybe not.
oh, and sorry for all the instagram pics...but they're just necessary sometimes.

thats it for now...
Taylor Sue

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