Thursday, September 20, 2012

NEW threads...

 check out the new magic over yonder >>> HERE
and happy almost weekend!
Taylor Sue

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Me Likey.

im in loooovveeee.
how freaking magical, right?!
i came across this painted imagery through the 
sugarhigh+lovestoned blog. <---amazing
then i immediately looked up more. of course!
just wanted to pass on these yummy goodies.
hope they make you smile as well.

happy weekend friends,
Taylor Sue

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Its the small things...

a giggle.
a full tummy.
sassy pants. 

I've been trying to soak in the small things lately.
It's been fun.
Taylor Sue

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tay's Array + Special Sauce

i was just happily reminded that i'll be my sisters maid of honor.
she had wine labels made for all the bridesmaids that said...
"I've got the guy, now i need my girls!"
how.freaking.cute....right?! she had them made on etsy.

so of course, my next step was to put my new crazy sweater on
and drink some of that special sauce, while drooling over homemade pizza.

oh..and thats what i wore. I'm trying to fit some forgotten summer
favorites in before its too cold. and bringing back the 
dark lip color for fall. I'm stuck in the middle. season confusion :)
{tank, thrifted. shorts skirt skort? target. sunnies, thrifted. bag, f21. lip color, tarte.}
happy monday.
Taylor Sue

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Life...Lately.

my life...through instagram.
its been awhile, please forgive the abundance of insta-tay's,
just playing catch up!!!!
>>lot'sa puppy love, creations, adventures, my boy toy, and just plain fun<<
still obsessed >>> follow me at tayzavay!!
Taylor Sue

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Overalls are STILL Cool.

i said it.
shorts, pants + dresses...oh my!!

what do you think?
i have some coming to my etsy soon!!!
Taylor Sue

Friday, September 7, 2012

hello newness!

links below...
Hope you like whats going on over @ TaylorSueForYou!!!
Have a dandy day. xo.
Taylor Sue


"When you experience uncertainty, you are on the right path - so don't give it up. 
You don't need to have a complete and rigid idea of what you'll be doing next week or next year, because if you have a very clear idea of what's going to happen and you get 
rigidly attached to it, then you shut out the whole range of possibilities."  

This quote was really nice to stumble across, because I've definitely been uncertain of where some aspects of my life are headed these days.  It was a good reminder to stay positive, keep my head up + eyes open, and remember 
that it will all come together...eventually.
The seasons are a changin'.
{images from pinterest}

 ✧☽ ARIES ☾✧
"You have a lot going on with some big money matter this week and the more you dive in and start to make things happen, the better. Be willing to adjust a bit with someone in authority over this...but other than that you should be able to make headway through your actions...
listen to your gut."
{image found here + quote found here + section of horoscope found here}

I've decided to be...
excited for the uncertain future.
Bring it on!

Taylor Sue

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tay's Array...I be Jumpin'

 i be my jumper.
here's what i'm wearing today.
penny + mama matched with our acid washed denim.
she's so darn stylish...and she knows it.

jumper>>sale@pacsun. bangle>>claire's. sunnies>>thrifted.

its fun to clean, and find something you forgot you had...
even if its tighter on your toosh now, whatever.
total 80's party!!

~thats all for now~
Taylor Sue


 sale section HERE {<-- click there}
>>>15 new items just added<<<
all $15 or less!!
happy shopping friends.
more goodies coming soon,
Taylor Sue