Monday, October 29, 2012

my mom is cooler than me.

remember when...i was gonna run a half marathon...
blah blah blah??!
well, i didn't. shame on me.
but my mom did! 
all by her lonesome...i guess we're lazy children.
or she's just super cool. maybe both?
go number did aweeesoommee!!!
i love her "thank god I'm almost done" face. double awesome.

word to my mother.
Taylor Sue

Sunday, October 28, 2012

New for You.

here's whats new over at Taylor Sue For You!!!
shop here.

hope you're having a dandy sunday.
mines been very up and down.
i just found an awesome chair...and then scratched my car.
oh me oh my.
im gonna celebrate/drown my sorrows in a big fat bowl of cereal.

toot a freaking loo
Taylor Sue

Friday, October 26, 2012


...i wore this.
i got tha goosebumps, more than once.
i made margaritas.
i ate way too much cheese.
i wore my new kicks from goodwill.
i fell in love with my car, again.
i cuddled with my cuddle buddy.

twas a good day.
Taylor Sue

Sunday, October 21, 2012


i love weekends!

~ i got a new/used car. weeeeeeeeeeee. 
it shall be called "the hot tamale DOS"
{saturn love love}

~ watched the boo river surf + hung out in 
san marvelous, miss that place.

~ tried on some bridesmaid winners. 
but may have something in the works :)

~ got my thrift on! new threads for my etsy,
a tray for my bathroom goods, some boots
and a candle holder. lurrvveee.

~ roamed around on the land i live on...moo cow babies!

~ admired my new sunflower dish 
that i painted. most favorite flower evvveer.

~ and made some freaking yummy grub. more please.

the end.
what were you guys up to?
tootles for now...
Taylor Sue

Monday, October 15, 2012


this weekend...
1. day of the dead party 
pre halloween celebration
and obviously we're amazing hula hoopers!
2. new planties for me 
my new obsession...plants everywhere please!
fingers crossed they stay alive.
this weekend had a good amount of fun + rest.
just what i needed after the 1st week of a new job :)
which i love, by the way.

tootles for now!
Taylor Sue

Saturday, October 13, 2012

i'm still in love...

instagram, you had me at hello.
stefan, you too. penny also ;)

here's some bits of life as of late...
hope everything is swell in your world too!

happy weekending.
toot a lootles
Taylor Sue

Friday, October 12, 2012

i finally got em' ... and i'm back.

first and foremost  >>
i finally got another pair of minnetonkas.
omg. i love them.
go getchya some. now.

second >>
i had a friend say "i'm having tay tay blog withdrawals."
love that.
so btw... i'm back, even more.
{i got a new job...been tired...blah blah blah, i'm back}

third + >>  
i found a heart leaf...
got some penny kisses...duh
still obsessing over my backyard makeover...
been rockin' lotsa messy braids,
and as we're speaking i'm drinking wine out of the bottle. 
{don't judge}

thats all for now.
be back soon friends!

Taylor Sue

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Extreme Makeover...Backyard Addition.

 i am so happy...
that this finally happened.
its taken about a year to be able to spiff up the 
backyard-porch area of my little cottage.
just in time for cool weather too!

im expecting to eat many dinners outside
while listening to old school country,
 underneath some sort of fun lights...
while the dogs chill in a handmade teepee. 
and then we pass out in a hammock.
sounds magical, right?!

i still need to get lights, and make the teepee...
and find a hammock. but other than that, I'm set!
backyard cookout anyone?
Taylor Sue

{all furniture, pillows, decor from goodwill or second hand stores.
no deers were harmed, promise. handmade banner.
plants from lowe's. and daddio made that rad slate table}
*and yea, i totally bought summer-ish plants. silly me. hang in there buddies!*

Saturday, October 6, 2012

lately! tays world...

-been spicin' up my backyard {more pics soon}
-we shot save the dates for my sis and her boo.
-celebrated a friends day of birth...with sushi + conor.
-saw some senoritas in sa, looovee them.
-hung out with my sunflower sista.
-and i observed some good ol' golfing.
thats it.

oh, and sister found her wedding dress!
it was love at first sight...
but obviously i can't show you a picture :)

will post more pics of my backyard makeover soon.
i'm back, y'all!

toot a lootle.
Taylor Sue

Friday, October 5, 2012

Costume Ideas...

1. Mary Poppins
2. Rag Doll
3. Double Rainbow!

I'm not sure what festivities are happening for Halloween this year, 
but usually something comes together last minute!  
And i like me some fun, so here are my current costume ideas...

-Mary Poppins seems fitting, because i recently became a nanny!
Just call me Nanny Tay Tay :)
-And the double rainbow is HEElariously awesome, obviously.
-But I'm leaning towards the rag doll. It'll be a fun & easy d.i.y project,
and it'll give me a reason to buy stripe tights!!
What do you think?
What are your costume/halloween plans this year?

Sorry my blog has been quiet lately.
I'll try to make a comeback!

Taylor Sue