Sunday, October 7, 2012

Extreme Makeover...Backyard Addition.

 i am so happy...
that this finally happened.
its taken about a year to be able to spiff up the 
backyard-porch area of my little cottage.
just in time for cool weather too!

im expecting to eat many dinners outside
while listening to old school country,
 underneath some sort of fun lights...
while the dogs chill in a handmade teepee. 
and then we pass out in a hammock.
sounds magical, right?!

i still need to get lights, and make the teepee...
and find a hammock. but other than that, I'm set!
backyard cookout anyone?
Taylor Sue

{all furniture, pillows, decor from goodwill or second hand stores.
no deers were harmed, promise. handmade banner.
plants from lowe's. and daddio made that rad slate table}
*and yea, i totally bought summer-ish plants. silly me. hang in there buddies!*

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