Sunday, October 21, 2012


i love weekends!

~ i got a new/used car. weeeeeeeeeeee. 
it shall be called "the hot tamale DOS"
{saturn love love}

~ watched the boo river surf + hung out in 
san marvelous, miss that place.

~ tried on some bridesmaid winners. 
but may have something in the works :)

~ got my thrift on! new threads for my etsy,
a tray for my bathroom goods, some boots
and a candle holder. lurrvveee.

~ roamed around on the land i live on...moo cow babies!

~ admired my new sunflower dish 
that i painted. most favorite flower evvveer.

~ and made some freaking yummy grub. more please.

the end.
what were you guys up to?
tootles for now...
Taylor Sue

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